Waaaaaay nice, Fred and Boys!!! I always know where to go when the job needs to be done the right way!

W. C., Palo Alto

We truly appreciate you being willing and able to do the larger and smaller jobs for us...many are not so flexible/helpful! Do you think a quarterly inspection would keep us ahead of any critter damage?

Vanessa Roach Elizabeth F. Gamble Gardens

Thank you so much for doing great work for us. You were the first contractor to work on the house, just one week after we bought it. And we certainly appreciate the fine workmanship on our roof. I have a lot of confidence that your roof will be protecting us from the elements for decades to come.

–C.M., Sunnyvale

Fred’s absolutely the best! Has taken care of us for so many years I've lost count. He’s unbelievably responsive. I call him and then totally quit worrying about whatever the problem was. I know Fred will take care of it in the most professional, efficient way possible! Fred does it right the first time, unlike some contractors who have to do it over and over again. He has always been thoughtful and caring of our needs and schedules.

–Carolyn Johnson Palo Alto

I thought I needed repairs on my roof. What I received was some very sound advice. Fred came out and was very kind and explained that I needed to keep one area of my roof clean. He gave me an estimate but explained that I didn’t need his service right now. He explained that there was a significant amount of debris coming off of one of my trees, and that if I just cleaned it off regularly, I would be okay. If I need any roofing service in the future, I will definitely work with Worrell Roofing.

–C. E., Redwood City

Fred Worrell came to make the estimate. He climbed on the roof and took photographs to show me the damage. He then re-roofed that part of the house in tile and found some matching tiles as some were broken. He also fixed the leak in the other part of the roof. He performed both the repair and the re-roofing in the estimated time and kept me up to date on the progress. Everything was cleane and kept in good condition during the repair work. In the 3 years since the repair I have had no problems. He has kept in touch with me to be certain there have been no problems; so I didn't have to try to find him to reach him. I am about to replace the roof on the rest of the house, and I definitely plan to use Worrell Roofing & Ventilation.

–A.M., Woodside

Worrell Roofing performed a "tune up" on my parents' 25 year old, never maintained cedar shake roof. Fred's crew cleaned up the roof, replaced some shingles, and in general did a job that was quoted by another company as costing $6,000. Fred met with my mom and me and after our experience with a previous company, we very much appreciated Fred's down to earth style. The estimate was spot on, far less than the other quote. The job was scheduled, the crew showed up, performed their work and the job was completed with no problems. We have not one complaint.

– S. F., Sunnyvale

Fred, the job site could not have been cleaner! And yes, we were snug last night listening to the rain.  I can't wait to climb my ladder and visit the new roof! Your work has been absolutely awesome.  I will be putting in a recommendation on PV forum (which is where I read glowing reviews for your work originally). 

–Tricia S., Portola Valley

A friend referred me to Fred Worrell to fix a roof that had multiple problems. Fred is a joy to work with. He ALWAYS returns phone calls and emails with admirable alacrity. His crew is friendly, efficient, and does an excellent job. Finally I have a roof that won't leak and will last for years. Thank-You, Fred! You do the job right with grace, honesty and a sense of humor.

– Gail G., Palo Alto

Fred and his crew have taken great care of our Eichler roof for over 25 years, and we love the cool roof he installed. We don’t need any air conditioning—even on hot days.

– JH, Menlo Park

I love your company... the guys did a great job. It looks as good as new. Thanks.

– Delmar E., Livermore

Just going thru the new issue of the "CA modern" magazine and saw its very prominent mention of you! Good job, Fred! Read somewhere once that being cited as an "expert" (as you absolutely are) in a newspaper or magazine is the best kind of publicity or advertising to have - so am very glad for you.

Best regards,

– CJ, Barron Park


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